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Princess Pea Catering has taste & it is all in our food.

Our customers deserve a variety of taste, both classic and multi-cultural delights.

All based on family receipes, our focus is to give the children not only a meal balanced

with nutrition, but also the taste of a delicious gourmet meal.

Don't be surprised if it tastes as good as your mom's because our recipes started with our mom's too!




Princess Pea Catering has quality.

We have the quality of food that you would serve for your family.

Locally sourced ingredients, fresh never frozen baked goods, daily delivery of meats, produce & dairy all help to make quality our top priority.

Quality not only revolves around our nutricious meals but also touches every aspect of our service.

Our head chefs, staff & drivers are all dedicated to quality ensuring that the children are getting only the best in lunch & catering service.




Princess Pea Catering is affordability.

We work with all budgets to ensure that the children are receiving the best food without the high prices that some other caterers will charge.

Please ask about our hungary tummy rebate program.

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since 2009
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